RoadGamers Modern Warfare laser tag package is really what separates us from the rest of the laser tag community here in Houston!  This laser tag can be played at any time, whether it be day or night, and in any venue, indoors or outdoors! MWLTagInked1
These guns provide a realistic sound and trigger-kick because they are actual modified paintball guns! We have removed the capabilities for paintball, and replaced that with an infrared radar system that can track each player’s bullets, lives as well as tallies their final score. We also provide a mix of inflatable and traffic barricades to create a realistic battlefield at your location. This setup creates a play space of about half the size of a basketball court.
IMAGE Get the live action, sound and excitement of a no holds bar paintball battle, without any of the mess or pain!  Players can choose to play as teams, or play as solo – but no matter how they play, they will have a blast!