RoadGamers Modern Warfare – Equipment

What separates RoadGamers Laser Tag from the pack is the realism of the gun and the battlefield. This lasertag can be played anytime of day and in any venue, indoors or outdoors. We provide inflatables to create a battlefield on your location. The guns provide a realistic sound and trigger-kick because they are modified paintball markers. Get the live action and sound of a modern battlefield without the pain!Experience the most real combat simulation game today: play RoadGamers Laser Tag today!Our equipment packs allow us to run private birthday parties and large group events with as many as 25 guns in play.  We can help you customize the perfect Laser Tag Modern Warfare game for your party or event!

A scaled down version of laser tag is available for the younger kids with our Nerf Laser Tag Gun… This is our most popular combo package with the GameTruck.