RoadGamers Modern Warfare

Laser Tag Modern Warfare is perfect for your next group outing, company picnic, team building activity or get-together!   Communication and strategy unfold while executing the mission at hand.  We collaborate with you to create the most unique battlefield and game scenarios out of any park, parking garage or office location.   Everyone can join in the battle for bragging rights from 7 years old to 99!  The thrill of Laser Tag Modern Warfare is for everyone!

We can accommodate large groups and run approximately 120 people through multiple games in a couple of hours.  Larger groups may require more time; smaller groups (less than 25) may be better served with the smaller party options available.  All events include a complimentary set of “modern warfare” inflatables and up to 25 guns.  Book an Unforgettable Event today by reserving online or call us at 832-727-1050.

You supply the field, we’ll make it a battlefield and supply the FUN!

If you’re looking to make your next event memorable, RoadGamers is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE AND UNFORGETTABLE!

Customized Laser Tag Game Choices*

Blackhawk Down

One player (pilot) goes into the playing field and hides himself as much as possible. The downed pilot can not talk or signal either team. The remainder of players are divided into US Rangers and Skinnies and start on either side of the playing field. The US Rangers get a two minute head start to find the downed pilot. The pilot can not move unless they are touching one of the live US Rangers. The US Rangers must move the pilot to their starting zone in order to win. The Skinnies win by terminating the pilot or the entire US Rangers force.

Capture the Flag

Players are divided into two groups. A flag is placed somewhere in the middle of playing field evenly spaced between the two groups. The first team to get the flag wins. Bonus points are given to the winning team and to the individual who captures the flag.

Elimination Game

This is a standard game of elimination. In order to win you must terminate all the players on the other team. Bonus points are given to the winning team.


This is a staged game in which players are sent into battle in waves. Three different types of wave times are offered. As a game master you may determine the amount of players per wave. This is an elimination type game. Bonus points are awarded for each player of the winning team not eliminated.

Russian Roulette

Players divide up into two groups and start on either side of the playing field. The game master secretly writes all players’ names down on a piece of paper and puts them in a hat. Every one minute the game master draws a name out of the hat. If that player is not already dead, the game master will hit the Remote Kill on that player. If the player is already dead the game master will not draw another name until the next minute is up. The game master will continue this until the time has run out or all players are dead. The team with the last surviving player wins the game.

Save The Citizen

Players are divided into two sides: Heroes and Villains. Each side starts on different sides of the playing field. The Villains start out holding a citizen hostage, which is played by one non-player (non system required). The citizen is immobilized during the game and can not move. One Hero must tag (touch) the citizen before time runs out in order to win. The Villains must prevent a Hero from tagging the citizen before the time runs out.


This is a continuous 10 minute game. Each time a player is terminated they will receive a 30 second countdown. When the countdown is done, they will respawn back into the game with full health and ammunition. The game clock however will still keep counting down.


Teams are broken down into Humans and Terminators. Special characters are also available for the Human side. For the Human players to win, they must keep John Conner Alive for the entire game. For the Terminators to win, they must kill John Connor before the time runs out.


Players divide up into two groups and start on either side of the playing field: Humans and Zombies. Zombies are given a large amount of health and a small amount of ammo. Humans are given a small amount of health and a large amount of ammo.

* To customize the gaming choices requires running the game with a computer on site and will significantly reduce live play time on-site.  It may also include additional charges.