Q. How does this work? 

A. This is our most common question, and the answer is as simple as the question. WE BRING THE FUN TO YOU! So this means we drive our GameTruck to your given location, put on the parking brake, open the door and get the party started! We pile the players in the GameTruck and we play video games for the reserved time! It’s that simple!

Q. How far in advance should I book an event?

A. As soon as you know your event date – call and reserve it! Even if we need to change a few things, it’s much better than waiting until last minute! In general we book at least 4 weeks in advance.

Q .How many people can fit inside the GameTruck?

A. The RoadGamers game truck can accommodate up to 20 players in all. A total of 16 players inside, and has ample space for a few observers. There is also an outdoor screen that provides gaming for an additional 4 players.

Q. What console systems do you have?

A. Our game truck is equipped with both Wii and Xbox 360 console systems and all of the latest and greatest multiplayer titles for both!

Q. What games are provided?

A. For a comprehensive menu of available games please take a look at our gaming menu. You are also welcome to bring your games on board, provided they maintain party host approval.

Q. Can I restrict certain titles?

A. If you would like to restrict certain video games from being played, this must be communicated to us when confirming your event, or to the host, prior to beginning the event. Our policy for kids playing video rated M games is; “If they are not allowed to play a certain title at home, then they are not allowed to play it in the gaming truck.” This is communicated to them when we begin each game truck event and we hold them to this standard.

Q. Can I request a game?

A. Absolutely! If we have enough requests for a certain title, we will ultimately add it to our library. We do our best to keep our gaming library updated with multi-player centric video games that are fun for everyone and are always open for suggestions in expanding our collection!

Q. When are you upgrading to the new consoles like Xbox One or PS4?

A. As soon as they begin releasing titles that appeal to our clients and allow split screen multi-player options! At the moment, both of the newer consoles are focused on releasing titles that are more single-player oriented and not focused on group play. This is great for playing at home in your living room, but not for a party! In the RoadGamers game truck, we strive to have all 16 spots available for play, and this doesn’t pan out well when we have one of our TV’s dedicated to a one player game.

Q. What if it rains?

A. The RoadGamers GameTruck is designed for all weather conditions! Our theater is insulated and climate controlled, allowing us to provide events year round despite a rainy day. However, in the event of severe weather, we may reschedule your event to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Q. What is your refund or cancellation policy?

A. This is covered in our service agreement, which can be found here. Generally speaking we have a non-refundable deposit to reserve a time for your event. In the case where an event must be canceled, we highly encourage our clients to reschedule instead, and we must be notified of said cancelation within a reasonable time. We are in the business of creating raving fans and return customers, and will work with you in every way possible.